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Dec 25,2019     View:35

Birmingham fastener show

As the only fastener professional exhibition in the UK, Birmingham fastener exhibition well reflects the fastener market of the UK as a world power, and provides a good platform for all fastener enterprises to enter the UK market. Long history: the exhibition is held by Prysm Media Group Ltd, a famous exhibition company.

The exhibition presents the latest achievements and products of fastener industry to professional visitors. The professionalism and internationalization of the exhibition have been recognized by UFI

The exhibition displays a wide range of latest products, including standard and non-standard fasteners and all kinds of electric tools, etc. with high technology content, it represents the technical trend and popular trend of relevant industries, and is the main source for architects, contractors, developers, designers, engineers, suppliers and distributors to obtain information and products

The fastenexpo exhibition is held once a year in Birmingham, UK. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the UK market. The fastenexpo exhibition attracted 300 exhibitors last year, with 3000 merchants. The exhibition was held in NEC, Birmingham and UK, Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 18000 square meters 。

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