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The 11th Shanghai fastener exhibition

Exhibition time: June 3-5, 2020 (Wednesday to Friday)

Venue: NECC (No.333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai)

Sponsor: ite group, Shanghai shangsou, Chinese screw network

Official website: www.fastenerexpo.cn

Official media: www.loosi.com www.chinafastener.com

In 2020, the 11th Shanghai fastener professional exhibition has been deeply involved in the industry for ten years. It has always been developing and growing with the purpose of being professional, efficient, open and innovative. It can be called the benchmark event of the global fastener industry. The exhibition gathers well-known fastener manufacturers at home and abroad, and displays fastener supporting equipment, molds, wires and other products, providing a one-stop procurement platform for fastener industry.

In 2020, the 11th Shanghai fastener professional exhibition will deeply explore the fastener terminal market, vigorously expand the terminal audience of "automobile and high-strength fastener", "building fastener", "industrial machinery" and other industries. In 2020, the site of the exhibition is expected to increase 47% of the terminal audience, and the organizer will use ten years of industry accumulation and successful exhibition experience to create one-stop procurement for fastener terminal purchasers Purchase business platform.

Exhibition scale

Exhibitor: 900+

Professional audience: 42000+

Exhibition area: 60000 square meters

30 concurrent meetings

Nearly 40 international purchasers participated in the matchmaking meeting

60 media partners

Ginseng product range

Fastener supporting equipment

Fastener production equipment, fastener materials, fastener molds and consumables, testing instruments, packaging equipment, other related production technologies and equipment, etc.

Finished fastener

Standard fastener, non-standard fastener, automobile and high strength fastener exhibition area, building fastener exhibition area, stamping parts and lathe parts, fastener products in various professional application fields, etc

On site meeting activities

In order to better promote the communication and interaction between the enterprise and the audience, more than 30 wonderful meetings were carefully planned by the organizer during the exhibition. There are also 1-on-1 overseas buyer matchmaking meeting and large fastener purchase Festival and other activities.

List of some exhibitors

Zhejiang three iron Information Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou No.1 Network Technology Co., Ltd., Changshu Standard Parts Factory Co., Ltd., Anhui Ningguo Dongbo Fastener Co., Ltd., Wenzhou jiunai Fastener Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongming stainless steel products Co., Ltd., Dongtai qinbiao Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Suzhou Qiangxin alloy material technology Co., Ltd., Gonghe Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Jinshang Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai jiyoubiao five High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd., Hunan PGU Standard Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang RUIZHAO Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou fast precision hardware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinggu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Some famous visiting Enterprises

Auto / auto parts: SAIC, mobils, Volkswagen, general motors, Citroen, BYD, Pan Asia, Geely, Usui auto parts, Xinjing precision parts, ambit Microsystems, Saint Gobain, Foxconn, etc;

Construction / building materials: Construction Co., Ltd., transportation construction group, electric power construction group, Shanghai civil defense construction, Baosteel, Kema construction, Keyan construction, Huahe construction engineering, Baocheng group, Shanghai Chengzheng engineering machinery, Shanghai Xufeng construction engineering, Shanghai canglangyuan water treatment engineering, automobile fastener engineering machinery screws;

Aviation: Shanghai Space Administration, Shanghai aircraft manufacturing, China Aerospace Science and technology, Beijing Capital Airlines, Beijing Aerospace Huashi, Shanghai precision navigation technology, Shanghai Eastern Airlines, Hangjiang auto parts, Shanghai precision navigation, Xinyang Xingyu aerospace, Sinoair, etc;

Ships: Shanghai Ship Technology Research Institute, COSCO Shipping, Shanghai Xiake Ship Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ship Technology Research Institute, etc;

Machinery / equipment: China Machinery Industry Federation, Shanghai Chengzheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Zihuan machinery, land machinery, etc;

Electronics / electrical appliances: Haier Group, Shanghai Yidian, Swick electronics, Shanghai Gelin electronics, Haimen Zhengda electronics, Yiyi e-commerce, ritten electronics, Foxconn electronics industry, Guolin hardware electronics, Zhejiang huanfang auto electronics, etc

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